Animal Awareness

In this brief I developed designs for an experiential project that extend the concept of user interaction beyond the mouse-keyboard interface. It needed a strong sound element as well as a creative use of visuals. This was fundamentally about looking beyond the computer screen to create a sensor-based interface, allowing users to interact with an audio-visual environment.

The Outcome

I decided to go down the Arduino route, wanting to use the motion sensors to change something depending on the users location. And I wanted to choose a subject where my project could make a difference. So I chose to do endangered animals; as the user gets closer to the sensor a more endangered animal appears on the projection and the sound changes. This is an engaging way of educating users about endangered animals. I also made the graphics based on how many of that species are left in the world. Each dot/cirle represents one animal of that species, which is an excellent visual way of showing the information.
Down below I have included: the graphics, the design document, and the video. I was very pleased with how this project turned out; I feel the message behind my work is really important and the way I have shown this in the graphics is innovative.

Here I have mocked up my graphics to show what it would look like as an actual installation.

These are some pages from the design document I created. The first page is showing the initial concept I came up with at the very start, my idea developed and changed as I went through the project. The next page is some research I did on dot maps, this is where I got the idea of one dot representing one animal from. Moving on you can see some of the development process I took to create a visual style that I was happy with. Following that, this page shows the code I created to get the sensor to give me values. Finally the last page is some of the user testing I did, this was a great way of finding out peoples opinion on my project and how I could improve it.

This is the video I created to show how Animal Awareness works.

Please take a look at the design document to see my development process, and how I came up with my ideas.