Brain Train

I received this brief whilst doing a 3 week placement at hedgehog lab. I worked with 2 other course mates on this project, however we got to work alongside professionals that helped along the way.
The brief they set us was: we want to shine a light on the problem of poor brain fitness using a variety of tools and media. And through this encourage behaviour change which reduces the number of people who suffer from poor brain fitness.

The Outcome

After completing some very thorough research we decided to make an Ipad app that encourages elderly people to complete different tasks or events with friends. We found out that to help prevent your brain fitness from decreasing, you need to do tasks that you wouldn't usually do which will use different parts of your brain. Our app is intended to be a alongside another carer app so that the carer can see how the elderly user is doing. The information from the journal, which tracks the users progress, will be fed to the carer.
Down below are screens from some of our app and also the presentation we made to show hedgehog lab what we came up with.

This is homescreen which is a dashboard layout. It gives you an overview of the users brain fitness alongside quick action buttons which take you to different areas of the app.

Here are some images that show a glimpse of the development work we completed. The first image shows the crazy 8's idea generation technique and also the dot voting we did to refine our ideas. The second image is some initial wireframing I did on one of the massive white boards. The final image is of the user testing process we undertook.

On the left we created a splash screen which would be the first screen on the app. These buttons have been put there so the user can create: a journal entry, an event, or an activity as soon as they go on the app, which is what the aim of the app is.

Here is the social section of the app which includes a groups section. This is a good way of getting people to interact with people both online and in person.

The activities section recommends activities for the user to do based on what they enjoy. It also gives recommendations to push the user out of their comfort zone which will therefore increase their brain fitness.

This is what recieving and creating an activity invitation looks like.

The journal section shows the users previous entries and where they can create new ones. When creating an entry, it has been designed so there is one question per page to make it as quick and easy as possible.

Please take a look at the presentation we created when showing hedgehog lab what we created.