ebay redesign

The brief was to select an interface to evaluate and then conduct a redesign. The purpose of the redesign was to significantly improve its usability, aesthetic and interaction qualities (user experience). The outcome of the project was to create a working prototype to demonstrate the interface redesign.

This is the homepage I redesigned. I used the 4 colours from the ebay logo to highlight the 4 key areas of interest. These areas are quick access buttons that take the user to different areas of the app. Then I used 2 scrollable carousels to show the users watched items, and the top trending items on ebay. These carousels are a great way of putting lots of content on the app, without having to display it all at the same time.

Here I have taken a few key pages from my design document. The first image is me analysing the original ebay app. I used spider graphs to give a visual representation of my review, this is also a great way of comparing the app to something else. The next page is of some low-fidelity wireframes I did to try and find a style that worked. Following on is some user testing I did; I got two people to complete tasks both at wireframe level and with the final product. Finally the last page is of the homepage design which I re-designed again after getting feedback from my user testing. I went back to basics by sketching wireframes; you can clearly see the development through to my final design which I was very pleased with.

I went for a curved design style which gives the app an overall modern feel. The majority of the colour scheme is grey and white, which contrasts with the 4 vibrant ebay colours. This is how I have highlighted all the important information on all the screens.

An element I added to the ebay app was being able to adjust the minimum rating of user you can buy or sell to. This allows the user to take control over what kind of individuals they exchange with.

I also added a visually impaired mode which is to help aid users that have difficulties with their sight. From the research I completed, the 3 areas I focused on increasing were: text size; image size; and colour contrast. These last 3 screens show how some of the visually impaired mode looked.

Here is my design document which shows my development throughout the project.