Find Your Aargau

iPOLE (integrated Project Oriented Learning Environment) is an international and interdisciplinary study platform run by the University of Northwest Switzerland (FHNW). I worked with students from FHNW, the University of Pretoria (South Africa) and the Harbin Institute of Technology (China) on a brief to promote the Swiss Region of Aargau to graduates and professionals.

The Outcome

We created an interactive, multi-choice video, that lets the user choose their own path. It allows them to discover what Aargau has to offer, in a way that is personalised for the user. At the end, depending on the choices the user has made, we recommend areas in Aargau that best match that specific person. They can then share their results on social media.

Down below are; screens from our prototype, the video walkthrough, some key highlights of our process, and the design document.

Two mockups that show this can be used on multiple devices. On the left is the decision screen that the user will have to interact with, and on the right is the best location match screen that they will recieve at the end.

This video shows a walkthrough from the users perspective.

I have added some key areas from our research and development and a few of our final screens.

Please take a look at our development and research throughout the project in this document.