Liber Part 1

My task was to choose a cutting edge technology, investigate it, and predict where it may be going. Then be able to suggest new and innovative ways it could potentially be used, and design a prototype to demonstrate my concept.

The Outcome

I chose the field of autonomous cars because this is something I am really interested in. I completed a very thorough research document and produced a design fiction video of how I thought an app could control an autonomous vehicle.

Down below are screens from some the app, the prototype video, and the research document.

This is how a user would request to be picked up by the car. I designed and user tested this so that it was not only the quickest user flow, but the most user friendly.

Here is the video prototype I created to mockup my concept. To gather some of the footage, it involved my Dad having to drive using his sensors and with his seat pushed back which was quite entertaining.

I have added some highlights from my research and development process. User research is really important to my design process and I like to do it really thoroughly. This includes things like; personas, storyboards, scenarios, user testing, surveys, and many more.

Please take a look at the full research document I created throughout semester one.