Liber Part 2

The aim of this module brief was to create two deliverables, a professional prototype and a design document. I got the opportunity to continue my project from semester one (Liber part one) or start a new project.

The Outcome

I decided to carry on from semester one with my Liber project; seeing as I concentrated on the app side of things in part one, I therefore wanted to focus on the actual vehicle interface. I created a dashboard that can be controlled using a combination of gestures and a control panel for Liber, a fully autonomous vehicle.

Down below are; screens from my designs, the promotional video, the demo video, some key highlights of my process, and the design document.

An advertisement board mockup I did to promote Liber.

Here is the dashboard section of my project, the user would navigate through the interface by using gestures.

This is the short promotional video I made which would be viewed on a TV advert or online.

Car status screen, with the user profile section.

The Spotify screen alongside the navigation section.

The schedule section, and the screen that asks whether you want to invite anyone else to your trip.

The seat preferences page and the airflow screen.

The interior lighting screen alongside the contacts page.

I have added some key areas from my research and development. If you want to see the whole document please go to the bottom of the page.

This is the full demonstrational video which takes the user through the concept, how it works, all the features, and how different users use Liber.

Please take a look at my development and research throughout the project in this document.