In this module I was asked to design a visual identity which included brand guidelines and a small sample of printed materials, alongside developing a website for a fictitious new business in Newcastle. The name of the business, its brand values, location and what it sells was up to me. The website had to reflect both my chosen business’ brand values, and carefully consider the content and functions required by the new business and its customers.

The Outcome

I decided to go with a high end Italian restaurant called Manchini's. I created the website from scratch using HTML, CSS, and a little Java. This was my first experience using code which I think I coped with really well; I enjoyed the challenge of front end development.
Down below I have included: business cards, letterhead, website walkthrough and brand guidelines. Overall I am very pleased with how this project went, I created a consistant luxurious feel thoughout my designs which was one of my main aims.

I did my develpoment work for this project in a sketchbook, here are a few photos from it. The first image shows my initial logo sketches; I had lots of different ideas that I developed and refined, then repeated this process until I was happy. The next photo is some research I did on the different colour combinations of Italian Vespa scooters, I chose my colour scheme based on this research. Now the next two images show some early stage wireframes for the business cards and website layouts.

I created two colour variations of the same design business cards. The colour scheme I chose was found when researching different colour combinations on Vespa Italian scooters. These colours combine nicely and create a high end vibe.

This video is a walkthrough of the Manchini's webiste I created and designed.

Please take a look at the brand identity guidlines by using the button above.