The brief was to design a service that builds on older people’s knowledge of urban food growing to support anyone aiming to grow food locally. The service will take advantage of digital approaches, devices and platforms. The new service should make the most of the latest technology and offer new ways to build meaningful and reciprocal relationships between older people who are sharing their knowledge with their local community. The service needs to be beneficial to older people as a way to encourage social interaction and confidence building. It should consider different levels of expertise, confidence and proficiency in using technology. It should also benefit the local community and individuals who are using the service to help grow their knowledge of urban farming techniques and create stronger community links.

The Outcome

This was a group project that I worked on with 2 other course mates. After completing substantial research, we decided to create a 'village show' based app. The idea being you can enter 'friendly' competition (solo or group) from a range of categories through this app. Then the user updates their journal section everytime they do something. This therefore keeps a record of every step they took to grow that plant, and other users can view this journal to learn from. There is also a forum and message section to the app which is a great way for users to interact and learn from each other.
On this page I have included: some of the app screens, the design document, and the promotional video.

This is the homepage which would act as a feed, giving you updates from your friends or competitions.

The events section where you can browse different categories, search by location, and look through your previous events.

Entering a journal post, searching other users journals by category, and looking at an actual post.

Users get ratings from how well they do in the events. This is a good indicator for users to see who to learn from.

A large section of the target audience are older people, that have most of the knowledge. So we therefore created some visual aids in the settings to make it easier for them to use. These screens show the large lext setting.

These three screens show the colour contrast mode.

These screens are what you would see when you first open the app so that you can create an account.

Here is the promotional video we created for the Trowel app.

Please take a look at our design document to see our development process, and how we got from the start to the end.